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Established in 1986 and listed on TWSE (Stock Code: 世坤 4305) in 2000, Shih-Kuen Plastics SKP is one of the major flexible & semi-rigid vinyl sheets & PVC plastic films manufacturers in Taiwan. With over 3 decades experience solely in the industry, we have a team of sales, R&D and production crews delivering quality PVC sheet rolls and exporting service worldwide.

Polyvinyl Chloride (aka PVC or vinyl) is one of the wildly used plastic material for versatile workability, great chemical resistance, waterproof and lightweight features. It is the excellent material for inflatable products, curtains, protection covers, waterproof textile, stationery, to construction material.

All our PVC plastic sheets are qualified with EN71 Part III standards. Shih-Kuen Plastics offers tailor made plastic sheets following safety standards namely REACH, RoHS, SVHS and Non-Phthalates.

ISO 9001: 2015 & TÜV Certified Manufacturer

Shih-Kuen Plastics SKP offers a wide range of flexible PVC plastic sheet solutions to meet your specific application requests:
(1) Clear Double-Polished PVC Plastic Sheets
(2) Thick Laminated Vinyl PVC Sheeting
(3) Translucent PVC Sheets & PVC Films
(4) Textured Embossing Plastic PVC Sheets / PVC Vinyl Films

OEM & ODM service available
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